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ACT won a 5 mt/a pelletizing desulfurization and dust removal project in Ukraine

June 1,2021.

ACT won a 5 mt/a pelletizing desulfurization and dust removal project in Ukraine

On May 24, 2021, ACT and Sinosteel Equipment Co., Ltd officially signed the supply contract of Ukrainian AMKR 5 mt/y of belt roaster pelletizing project.

ArcelorMittal, headquartered in Luxembourg, produces 130 million tons of steel annually, accounting for about 10% of the world's total steel production. The project is with its Ukrainian subsidiary AMKR, which has a complete production process from ore mining to finished product rolling. It is also the largest integrated steel enterprise in Ukraine. Ukraine AMKR5 million tons pellet project is located in Kryvolog City, Ukraine. As an urban chemical plant, there are more than 10 schools within 3 miles of the plant. It has high environmental sensitivity, strict emission requirements, dust ≤5mg/Nm3, SO2≤50mg/Nm3, and smoke volume up to 2.46 million m3/h.The performance and the stability of large-scale application of desulfurization system  are highly.

Among the competitors, ACT won the bid because of its advanced technology, large number of pellet gas quality performance and rich experience in overseas project execution.ACT's semi-dry circulating fluidized bed desulfurization technology consists of a front reactor and a fabric filter. Due to the high speed turbulence and reaction of materials in the tower, SO2 and calcium hydroxide are fully reacted to remove SO2 from the flue gas, and the down stream bag filter ensures ultra-low dust emission requirements.

Together with ACT and Sinosteel have brought the technology and services that represent "Made in China, Created in China" and "Chinese Spirit" to the world and become a beautiful sight for Chinese companies in the international market.WUKELAN

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