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Bag Filter

Fabric filter (FF) has been widely used as one of the de-dusting technologies.


Fabric filter, also known as Bag Filter or baghouse has been widely used as one of the de-dusting technologies with advantages such as very high particulate matter (PM) removal efficiency, the flexibility in the raw flue gas volume and dust concentrations, simple structure and low capital costs. ACT’s fabric filter (FF) has been applied in hundreds of projects with unit size from 23MW to 660MW up to now.

General Description of Fabric Filter:

The fabric filter (FF) is of negative pressure, gas tight and internally welded.Each bag is suspended from a tube sheet which forms the division between the dirty and clean chambers of the fabric filter. The bags are supported on anti-collapse cages and arranged in a concentric pattern but not aligned radially.

The filter bags are cleaned using clean, dry air from the positive displacement blowers. Cleaning gas is supplied to air manifolds for each cell room via a diaphragm valve which is integral with the air surge tank and mounted on top of the cleaning mechanism. 

After years’ development, the low pressure pulse jet fabric filter has proven technical features as below:

 - Not affected by dust characteristics, such as electric resistivity

 - Ultra-low pressure and large pulsing-air volume to avoid throttling effect and to effectively reduce the secondary dust formation

 - Stable ultra-low dust emission (<5 mg/Nm3), the outlet emission concentration can be tailor made as per the client’s requirement

 - Hundreds of projects installation in power, steel, petrochemical, carbon black, glass, waste to energy, cement industries

fabric filter

ACT provides  tailor made solutions to each client, if you have any enquires related to particulate matter issue please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. 

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