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March 7,2019.

Concrete mixing plant to the requirement of electrical system:
Concrete mixing equipment must ensure that the electrical system at work to keep up with the work flow, so the performance requirements of the electrical system is also high, specifically what are the requirements, we will introduce:

1.Concrete batching plant in the production of electric control system the whole work process can achieve automatic control, which is to realize the production site of the concrete mixing station manager doesn't take much to complete the whole process;

2.The electric control system has zero output in the weighing system of concrete mixing station, automatically to zero, correction fall for the single weigher according to the kind of fill materials weighing must have the buckle function, can more effectively control measuring accuracy, and a light alarm device;

batching plant electrical system

3.The electric control system can achieve input convenient, easy to operate, and can accurately adjust and modify the value of every material, Electrical control system must have a perfect self-locking and interlock function, to ensure the operation of the system is accurate and reliable, for the common fault of electrical control system must have fault detection and alarm functions;

4.Concrete mixing machine sometimes also need to work at night, so the lamp is must be have, floodlight, of course, is also part of the electric control system, so the flexible control of electric control system to ensure the lighting.The performance of the electric control system of concrete mixing station can reach above points, performance is very good.
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