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March 7,2019.

The clean knowledge of heat conduction oil in the asphalt mixing plant:
To make asphalt in working temperature condition, we will be heating and heat preservation for asphalt in bitumen storage tank and asphalt pipeline. At present, most of methods is done by heat transfer characteristics of heat conduction oil, also is the first to reach a certain temperature heat conduction oil by heating equipment, make the hot oil circulation in the system, pass heat asphalt, achieve the goal of warming.
asphalt plant heat conduction oil

The Lack Of Heat Conduction Oil In Use For Asphalt Machine

Due to easy by oxidation and heat conduction oil heating process, and with the increase of time, its kinematic viscosity also gradually increase, lead to the residual carbon increases with the rise of temperature. When using high temperature easy to generate a warm solution, especially on the inner wall of the pipeline, thermal oil furnace generated on the carbon deposition, affect the heat transfer efficiency, accelerate the heat conduction oil aging failure, make the furnace body, local overheating pipes, damage mechanical strength, endanger personal safety. After fouling heat conduction oil in the pipeline, narrowed the circulation area of pipelines in different degrees, increasing the resistance, reduce the ability of oil, and even pipe blockage accident may occur. In addition, the production process energy consumption increases, equipment, shorten the life pressure, the serious influence production. Because of the heat conduction oil has more than shortcomings, in the heat conduction oil use after a period of time, must be for the whole system for cleaning and descaling.

asphalt mixing plant heat conduction oil

Aphalt Plant Heat Conduction Oil System Cleaning
On the market at present is relatively commonly used thermal conductive tubing cleaning method, mainly using chemical methods, such as: use detergent solution and solid detergent cleaning method. Matters needing attention in the process of concrete operation is as follows:
First please professional thermal oil pipeline cleaning thoroughly clean the pipe; Cleaning process is: the discharge system of the old oil - prewash - cleaning - > add new oil to dehydration, normal operation.

In relation to the air tightness test of the pipe overall after cleaning. Coated with soap and water in all of the weld joint, flange and other connection parts, air compressor outlet pressure will be dispatched to 0.7 MPa and keep 2 hours, confirm the above parts without leakage, pressure drop.Injection began after using the new heat conduction oil, in 7 days after the use, 20 days respectively to sampling of the new heat conduction oil, make sure the new injection of heat conduction oil no bad phenomenon.

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