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Chongqing Iron and Steel CO.,Ltd 2# and 3# Sintering Plants-Ultralow Emission Project

September 18,2020.

Chongqing Iron and Steel CO.,Ltd 2# and 3# Sintering Plants-Ultralow Emission Project

Chongqing Iron and Steel is the earliest steel enterprise in China with a history of 128 years, which has an annual production capacity of 8.4 million tons of steel currently.

Under the guidance of its group company China Baowu’s strategic planning, New Chongqing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is moving forward to become the leader of steel industry in Southwest China by expanding the annual capacity of 10 million tons.

In 2019, in respond to the new ultralow emission policy of steel industry, Chongqing Iron and Steel decided to carry out ultra-low emission transformation on two existing sintering machines of 360m2(2# and 3#). Previously, Chongqing Iron and Steel’s 2# sintering machine was equipped with SDA FGD system, while 3# sintering machine used wet limestone FGD technology. After extensive investigation and argumentation, Chongqing iron and steel gets well understanding of ACT’s D-MEC technology. The characteristics of D-MEC system as listed below win their trust.

1)Good performance and high stability in achieving super-ultra-low emission standard of NOx<30mg/Nm3,SO2<20mg/Nm3 and dust<5mg/Nm3.
2)Multi-pollutant removal of SO3, HCl, HF, NOX, Dioxin, Pb and Hg
3)High adaptability to high or low sulfur condition
4)No visible plume, clean stack
5)No waste water
6)No corrosion

The retrofit work took place in the early 2020. The two sintering machines of 360㎡ with D-MEC systems were put into operation successfully in April 2020. The D-MEC systems run stably with good performance of average dust emission concentration of 0.5 mg/Nm3 and SO₂ average emission concentration of 10 mg/Nm3, which are superior to the national ultralow emission standards.

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