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filter cage
Filter Bag Cage

The filter bag cage is used in bag house for supporting bag house filter bag.


1.The description of  Filter Bag Cage

 Aircleanings Technology Co.,Ltd.(ACT) owns a high precision factory to manufacture filter bag cage. It is a comprehensive factory to produce different type of cages: Oval filter cage, circular cage, star cage.

The filter cages have applied in all our own projects, currently we have manufactured over 1 million meters of filter bag cages.

Fabric filter cage

2. The advantages of ACT filter bag cage

  • High precision, perimeter Tolerance -5 ~ 0 mm; end Ring Spacing Tolerance -1 ~ 0 mm
  • High strength,mild steel wire with 4 mm diameter
  • High anticorrosion, using electrophoresis paint
  • Certificated  quality , test by SGS with A level result
  • High standard package for freight transporting

3. Filter bag cage manufacturing facility

  • Factory Area: 3700m2, Goods Yard: 800m2
  • Capacity: more than 4 million Meters per year

Filter bag cage manufacturing facility

4. High standard package for freight transporting

  • Module packaging & Convenient reshipment
  • Economical & Concise appearance
  • Secure & Effective protection

   Package of fliter bag cage


 ACT can provide tailor made filter bag cages as per customer's parameters.

 Brand  ACT Filter bag cage
 Application   Fabric filter, Bag house, Dust collector
 Place of Origin  Fujian, China
 Model  3 sections 8m, providing tailor-made model
 Type  Oval filter cage, round filter cage, star filter cage
 Material  Carbon steel, providing tailor-made
 Coat  Two -layer painting, special electrophorese paint

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About filter bag cage