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high voltage power supply for ESP
High Frequency Power Supply for ESP

The high voltage/ high frequency power supply for ESP is for rectifying and filtering the three-phase AC power to obtain the DC power. It can also reuse existing transformer.


High Frequency(High Voltage) Power Supply for ESP to Improve Particulate Control

1. Power supplies for ESP

The high voltage/high frequency power supply for ESP of ACT is an advanced new generation of power supply product for Electrostatics Precipitator (ESP). This product uses IGBT or SIC as the controller device, adopting PWM modulation principle, and is able to modulate the working frequency from dozens of Hz to thousands of Hz by modulating the transformer current, so that the medium frequency or high frequency transformer as well as the conventional power frequency transformer can be selected as the high-frequency controller.

High frequency power supply for ESP

2. Principle of  High frequency Power Supply

The high frequency power supply for ESP is for rectifying and filtering the three-phase AC power to obtain the DC power, i.e., for modulating different working frequencies with a very high modulation frequency. 

Based on IGBT devices, PWM principle and special algorithm, the modulated high-frequency power (MHF) is an innovative power supply for electrostatic precipitators (ESP). By up to 35 KHz high frequency carrier modulation, it can output several tens to thousands Hz frequency current to drive different types of rectifier transformers (T/R), with the T/R secondary current and the secondary voltage nearly close to a DC ones. It is this prominent feature that make the MHF to be able to provide as much corona power as possible to an ESP and to explore the dust collection potential of an ESP to maximum, making it more efficient.

For example, in case of transformation of the original power frequency power supply, the high frequency power supply will modulate a working frequency of 50 Hz, and sends the power to the existing power frequency transformer for boosting and rectification, so as to form a high frequency and high voltage pulse output as the power supply for ESP.

3. The advantages of ACT high frequency power supply for ESP

(1) Significantly improve the efficiency of dust removal; the removal efficiency will be increased by 20%-60%

(2) The corona power can be increased by 3 to 10 times in the high dust concentration or corona quenching condition

(3) The energy consumed will be saved  by 20%

(4) Retrofit easily, no additional cables, existing T/R sets retained, taking short time, nearly no influence on ESP operation

(5) Test and verify before retrofit with the power supply, to ensure a successful power update

(6) Wide industrial application: power, steel, petrochemical, carbon black, glass, Waste to Energy, cement, etc

(7)The high quality of HF power supply has passed the CONFORMITY WITH EUROPEAN (DEMAND) and obtained CE cerfiticate

4. References of high voltage/high frequency power supply for ESP

  •  Immediate effect after retrofit : from 100mg/Nm3 to 40 mg/Nm3 . The following picture shows the stack effective before and after retrofit. 

high voltage power supply for ESP
5. Easy retrofit procedure

(1) Installing HF power supply near original control cabinet in a right position

(2) Introducing three phase power to HF power supply control cabinet

(3) The rectifier transformer and the cables between control cabinet and TR remain used

(4) Transferring power cables and signal cables which are between control cabinet and TR to HF power supply control cabinet

(5) Commissioning and operation of HF power supply


1. Main technical data

 Range of rated output current  0.3A~ 2.5A
Detail technical data can be defined by the Buyer

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